Engaged | David + Stacy

It's no secret I've been anxiously awaiting this session. This post is on picture overload, so if you're opposed to a ridiculous amount of cuddles and nuzzling and really just adorableness level 10, then you should go ahead and forego reading any further (but who the heck doesn't love all that?!). 

I remember when Stacy met David, she was on cloud nine from the start and you could see her radiate joy talking about him. Stacy and I have been best friends for almost 10 years (time FLIES!) and I'd seen her show interest in certain guys over the years, but David was so different and we both kinda figured we'd all be here some day. Thank God that panned out, because David makes her some kind of happy, and vice versa really, and that's about the most a best friend could ever hope for.

Stacy is the best friend everyone deserves, and I'm just fortunate enough to call her mine. We've truly been through it all together, but to sum up a committed friend in a short blog post: she has loved me through the highs and many lows, she's forgiven me when I wasn't the friend she deserved, she was the single only friend to make it to my baby shower, and after I'd gotten married and started my adult life, she moved in with me so I didn't have to be alone while my husband's job training had him living elsewhere for six months. Yeah, she's incredible. I'll save the rest of the sappy-ness for my matron-of-honor speech when these two get married April 2018, which is already written (I'm not even joking), but David hit the jackpot with this one. Stacy did pretty good with David, too. And by 'pretty good', I mean I couldn't have hand-picked someone better for the girl who deserves the world. I love you both!

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XOXO, Taylor