HI, I'M TAYLOR! I am an engagement, wedding and portrait photographer in the Richmond, Virginia area. I am a wife to my husband (who is also named Taylor!) and a mom to our son, Ashton Lane, our daughter, Raelynn Kate, and our two dogs, Harper and Ryder. I have a full time career in accounting, however, I enjoy the juggling act of pursuing my passion for photography. My goal is to capture images that are classic, authentic and timeless. If you want  a relaxed, fun and stress-free experience, you're in the right place.

You'll find that I am a pretty huge extrovert that doesn't take life too seriously. (How I stumbled into my career as an accountant, I'll never know!) But, I love to make people laugh, and that involves goofing around and ditching my pride at times, and I'm okay with that.

Establishing and cultivating relationships is my love language. I love to serve my clients the best way I know how. I've learned that above all else, the friendships formed (or rekindled) through this business is what keeps me passionate in my art. Though an accountant by day and photographer by night and weekend, I love to express myself in writing, and you'll learn that through my blog.

For me, serving my clients involves treating you as a friend. You'll learn that I'll keep contact with you from the time of your inquiry, until.... well, indefinitely. Once a year I host a LTP bride reunion weekend and I love seeing our little community come together, and GROW.

As for a few random facts about me, I have a pretty serious addiction to coffee... I'm pretty sure I support the effort significantly when it comes to keeping Starbucks in business. If it's chocolate, it's mine. Actually, I'm known for not turning down much of anything sweet. And though I'll never understand it, we can just agree to disagree if you're anti Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A.

Whether you're just madly in love, engaged and planning the best day of your life, or just want a good excuse to get fancied up and have some memories documented, contact me and let's get you on my books! I would love to meet you, get to know you, and provide you with your beautiful story told in pictures for years to come.

I hope that no matter what, you choose to at least hang around and follow along on this little dream of mine. I use this business as my own little platform to be an encouragement, and to cheer others on. We're all chasing our own dreams, and you can never have too many people in your corner. You can consider me a friend, and know that I'm in yours.

XOXO, Taylor