Why blogging is so important to me

It’s been two months of having a blog, and I constantly find myself both amazed at the difference it’s made in my business, yet frustrated that I went two full years making my website and blog anything but a top priority. Two years of advertising only through social media, two years of spending hours back and forth in e-mails with clients in order to get all questions answered prior to booking, and overall just not using this God-given platform to its full potential because I didn’t have the right tools to convey my heart.

I realize every time I write a post, though I pour my heart and soul into each one, I may have an audience of one, and that one person might be me. But, that’s okay. I also realize that when I write a post, it may speak to some and it may be a learning opportunity to others that I’m not the photographer for them, and that’s okay too. That’s the risk I’m willing to take in being true to myself, honoring God in the talent he’s given me, and being a light and a positive outlet to others. It seems like an odd thought process, because business is business right? And the point is to book, right? Well, yes. BUT, this business isn’t just about me. Truthfully, hardly about me at all. My intent for this business is to use it to serve others, and to serve others well. The best way I can.

Have you ever wondered what your true purpose is? I mean, though some days it may feel like it, my purpose can’t be just to go to work and pay bills, can I get an amen? It took me a long time to really feel like I had a purpose other than just going through the motions of this crazy thing called life, and when I felt like this business may be what I was called to do, I still fought it hard because… insecurities. I wouldn’t book. I’d never have time. People wouldn’t care what I had to say. I’d never be as good as them. And thinking back on all the whys that held me back for so long, I see that each of them have turned into something intentional and motivating in my quest to spread love and encouragement.

Blogging is the piece of the package I was missing the most, and I didn’t even realize it. Truth is, I am always short on time, people might not care what I have to say, and I may always be compared to others and come up short, but I’ve come to a place where I feel so strongly that my clients deserve to know me personally, to feel like they’re my number one and not just my transaction of the day, and to feel beautiful and important and valuable. It was a lofty goal for my 2017 to have my sessions blogged within 24 hours, and I’m sure there will be times where it’s just not possible, but for now it’s happening, and it’s a blessing to me to be able to get what’s on my chest out there, if even just for me. It’s my mission to ensure the excitement of each session never weakens, and that my clients get to see how beautiful they are almost immediately. It’s not about filling my books, though exciting when it happens… it’s about preserving the time to give each client everything I have, and everything they deserve. I never know who’s following, who’s reading, or when a potential client will stumble across my site and find just what they’re needing, but I’m making it a purpose to live out my purpose. I pray that I always make this less about numbers, and more about the people. If it means one client or a thousand, the fact that they chose me is worth it.