Couples Session | Austin + Haley

There are many cool things about this business. To be accurate, I'd say 95% of it is truly incredible, and enough to make you feel on cloud nine nearly all the time... or at least for me. I'd give it a 100% if I was this perfect human that had all the confidence in the world all the time, didn't have to pay taxes, and literally all I had to do is shoot + edit. Sad to tell ya that's not real life, BUT all things considered, this business is a dream come true for me.

One of the top coolest things is how people find you. Word of mouth is such a powerful thing for my business, as is social media, but learning the connections I already have with people I am meeting for the first time at their session is the best thing since sliced bread.

I met Austin and Haley last night at their couples session. Haley reached out to me about two to three weeks ago asking if I had any availability for the specific date, and I replied, "well it's a Wednesday but if you're down for the evening I'd love to make it work!" Turns out, yesterday was their anniversary and um, my perfect couple, wanted to celebrate with some pictures together. Yep, speaking my love language. Did we just become best friends?

Turns out, both go to Longwood (proud alum right here!), and both grew up in the area. They met at Longwood despite calling the same place home, which is the same story with my husband and I. Longwood, man. Pulling people out of good ole Chesterfield and match making up in Farmville- I dig it. Haley plans to be a teacher, and Austin plans to be a nurse, and these two drove to Chesterfield to have a session with me in the middle of the week. My clients make me feel like the real deal, and I am just way too humbled. This business is a blessing because of my clients. I will never not feel an immense amount of gratitude.

Happy anniversary you two!! Here are a few more favorites from my time with Austin and Haley!

Thanks for following along this little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor