Sisters | Magen + Marley

When Magen originally requested this session, she didn't know I was internally kicking around the idea of mama and me mini sessions for Mother's Day. Inside I was battling the usual about whether or not my idea would be successful or not, and her request was more or less the push I needed to put myself out there (she doesn't know it, well, until now. Thanks, Magen!) 

I met Magen through our church, Vertical, and we rode the same wave of babies. If you attend Vertical, you know that for whatever reason having babies definitely comes in waves. Either no one is pregnant, or a solid 20 women are. There has been no trend of a happy medium yet, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Gimme all the babies!

I got to know her and Luke more through a semester of LifeGroup that we attended specifically for married couples, and I'm just thankful God crossed our paths. As we strolled around Target aimlessly with our boys just weeks ago, we chatted about how we were both so excited for their session! Her sweet Reese is just a little over two months younger than my Ashton, so in between excitement for the session, we commiserated over how hard it is to find pants that fit both their chunky thighs and their waists, how girl clothes are on an entirely different level than boy clothes, a how freakin' awesome Target is in general (and all the mamas cheers together over this and a glass of wine!).

I got to their session and it was as if we were one big happy fam. Her sister Marley also has a sweet little boy, and as we took pictures and laughed and had a good time, I could see so much of my own family in theirs. Sisters being sisters, loving on eachothers' kids as if they were their own, healthy bickering over whose fault it was that we were running a little behind, and a love that doesn't compare. They say it takes a village to raise kids, and it's so true. I witnessed it from behind the lens, and I live it with my own sisters every single day.

Here's more from my time with Magen, Marley and their sweet boys.

XOXO, Taylor