Engaged | Spencer + Kristina

On Friday evening, I had plans to do Spencer and Kristina's engagement session, which was our rescheduled date from two weeks prior when the original date got rained out. I know what you're thinking - buuuut, it rained Friday. Yup, we know. Around 2pm or so I texted Kristina about how beautiful the day turned out and looking back I owe her and myself a huge eye roll, because our session start time was 6pm, and what time did it start raining? 6pm. 

I got to The Carillon, and Kristina was already there a few minutes early. We exchanged eye rolls via text and vented about the weather. She had just come from getting her hair and make up done and I was convinced we weren't going down without giving it our best effort. In that moment, I should've been more empathetic, but I took the route of "worst case scenario, you'll end up soaking wet, now let's do this dance". I'm sure that's exactly what she wanted to hear. Luckily, I've known her for about 16 years now and that kind of sarcasm works. 

Spencer pulled up about 5-10 minutes later, and as he sat in his car finishing tucking in his shirt, he was looking at us standing under umbrellas waiting I'm sure thinking 'you're kidding right'? Like yes, it's raining. No, we're not giving up yet. And I'm so glad we didn't because we would've missed out on all of this gorgeousness. Not that I wish rain on any of my couples' wedding days, but at least now we all have full confidence that rain doesn't ruin anything. 

I already mentioned I've known Kristina forever, so you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me to be her photographer. She told me the budget would be tight, but between her venue and myself, those were dreams of hers and she was going to make these two things work. Can I tell you how honored I feel knowing that clients invest in me? I mean, weddings are expensive, we know that and it could go unsaid, but she wanted me to know that she was stretching herself for my services, and I didn't and won't ever forget that. I strive for about as close to perfection as humanly possibly each time I pick up my camera, and I was going to make these pictures amazing for the sake of knowing that she believes so strongly in me, and at times probably more than I believe in myself.

Kristina and I went to school together for almost forever, did show choir together in high school and lost touch some in college. But she's one of those friends that it never feels like you've missed a beat. One of those friends that you cannot help but jump for joy knowing she's found the love of her life, and Spencer truly treats her like the princess she is. I loved working with these two, and I can't wait for their wedding next May! 

Here's a few more from my time with Spencer and Kristina. As always, thanks for following along on this little dream of mine. 

XOXO, Taylor

Engaged Spencer Kristina-Engaged-0072.jpg