Maternity | Stephanie

A few months ago I reached out to my cousin to see if she'd be interested in modeling for me for a maternity session. She was super excited, quickly found something to wear (a few months early) and then we anxiously waited for the date to get here. I grew increasingly more excited as we got closer because maternity is something I love, though I do far less of it than I desire to. Then, the pieces kind of fell into place from there. A sweet friend offered for us to use land near their home, and it couldn't have fit the feel I wanted for this session more perfectly. It's refreshing to gain a new perspective at frequently used locations which I find myself doing often, but it's exceptionally fun to have a change of scenery completely. 

Steph is 34 weeks, and is seriously rocking the pregnancy glow. I used to see pregnant ladies and agree they were glowing, but it wasn't until I had my own child that I learned how NOT stunning you feel by this point. But perspective. From my side of the camera, she couldn't have been more beautiful and it was my job to bring that confidence out of her. To make her feel and convince her to see beyond her swollen feet and her (ridiculously adorable) growing belly, to the beauty both physically and throughout the process. Carrying a baby 10 months (say nine and you're a liar!) is no easy task, but it's an overwhelmingly powerful and beautiful one. Our bodies are amazing, and I'm so fortunate to have been able to document these for her. I never understood it when people said they missed being pregnant, I still wouldn't go as far to say I miss it, but the time certainly flies. Soon, baby Sailsbury will be here and Steph and Gabe's world will be forever changed and we can't wait to meet him/her! 

Here are a few more favorites from my time with Stephanie! 


Thanks for following along on the little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor