Now that the weather is getting prettier much earlier than anticipated (no complaints here!), my schedule is filling up quickly and I'm getting back to my happy place sooner than anticipated... also no complaints here, either.

I was so excited to get back behind my camera for this session. When Emily reached out and I noticed she had a Longwood University e-mail address, I think my heart about burst. She's the second fellow Lancer I've had the privilege of working with for her upcoming wedding, and it's always a sweet reminder that God places you on a certain path that one day all makes sense. Did I think I would ever become a wedding photographer when I was in college studying Accounting and Management? Obviously not, there are few similarities between them (or none at all, really). But each time someone has booked me, realizing how our paths have previously crossed has been one of those most humbling experiences in all of this.

I met with Emily to go over her wedding contract just a week prior, and when she told me she wanted to do her engagement session so soon, at Longwood, I was like YES PLEASE. Longwood will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the place that gave me some of my own individual friendships and memories that was the start of my own, unique story after 18 years of sharing life with my triplet sisters. The place that I started my career in accounting, and the place that also introduced me to my own husband- my favorite person on the planet. I feel so nostalgic every time I step back into this small town.

What I loved most about Longwood was that it seemed like everyone got plugged in somewhere, somehow. Emily and Jacob were both peer mentors during their time at Longwood. Those are the people who have such a deep rooted passion for the school, that they apply and serve as the first faces you meet as a potential student and then as a Freshman. They provide tours, and dedicate tons of time to being a positive start to one's college career. For this, peer mentors were always among some of the most cheerful people I came in contact with, and alumnae or not, their level of joy was no different during this session.

I couldn't wait to share these with you all. Here are some of my favorites. Stay tuned, Jacob and Emily become husband and wife in June!

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XOXO, Taylor