Motherhood, the scariest hood you'll ever go through

I saw this quote on a t-shirt this week and I got a good, much needed laugh. Granted, I have one child and he's 9 months old, so the worst thing we have going for us right now is teething. So for this season, I would replace scary with something more fitting... something I can't think of at this point because we're freakin' tired over here. I hope it's okay that I use this platform to be transparent at times. I never know if there's an unspoken rule against being personal on my business blog, but my clients invite me into some of their most personal moments, so wrong or right, it's definitely fair game in my opinion.

Today, the whole first half of my day was me practically hunkered down in Starbucks for client meetings, which was awesome. Few things are better than meeting new clients and coffee, so both at the same time ranks pretty high on my list of favs. But, my first client drove over an hour to see me, and we had our meeting, went through her wedding contract together, drank coffee and had good conversation, and then we left. And we didn't even sign the contract..... Yeah, I'm tired.

My husband's job is tough on our family. He has anything but a normal schedule, his already abnormal schedule often changes pretty last minute, sometimes he's home late, and most of the time after a long day of work, I come home to a home without him to hold down the fort, if you will. But, he's pursuing his dream, and him loving his job allows him to love our family better. This is important. That was more personal than I intended to get, but we'll all live.

If you're in the Richmond area, you'll know we're experiencing some pretty out of the ordinary weather this weekend for this time of year. WELCOME TO VIRGINIA. Between that and it being slow season in the wedding photographer world, I was itching to get my hands on my sisters and their kids for a project I'm working on, but it didn't work out. So, I came home, put my stuff away, and spent some time with my little love.

As I sat there watching him get into everything, I started to feel guilty. Life is busy. I work five days a week, come home, love on mister grouchy pants (it's usually close to bedtime when I'm getting home), have dinner if there's time, rush around to do my due diligence when it comes to getting ready for the next day and not letting the house turn too much into a pigs' pen.. then bath time, bed time and sleep. And repeat. 

Here I am, a photographer for a (part-time) living, and I spend all this time pouring into my clients and providing them with creatively documented memories, and I get home and somehow my life is different. Documenting these things for my own family isn't a priority, and it's not because I don't want to, there just never seems to be enough time. So, I got my camera (that I vowed to use often on our own family for justification for the expense of it). And we laughed, Ashton tormented the dogs a fair amount, and we just did life as usual for an hour.

When you book me, or anyone for that matter, or just in any way support the small business(es)of your choice, this is what's behind all of that. These moments are the cause you're supporting. I realize I work full time, but if there were no benefit to my family from all of this, I wouldn't do it. Because my time away from this guy has to be worth it for all of us. So, thank you. Thank you for loving me, supporting me, and being in my corner.

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XOXO, Taylor