Most asked question

Regardless of the session, I'm always asked the same question. Every. Single. Time. So much so that I'm dedicating an entire blog post to my answer. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE when clients ask this because it matters so much.  What should we wear?!   

I don't expect anyone to pull this out as a specific resource next time they're getting ready for a photoshoot, and hear me out when I say photographers have their own, individual style and preference so full disclosure: this is my professional opinion and what I would tell you every time. But, hopefully it at least is a reference point next time you find yourself wondering.

For an engagement session:  

  • Ladies- wear a DRESS. It doesn't have to be anything extra fancy but a dress automatically makes you feel good, makes you feel feminine, and when you feel good, you look good. Use your judgment when deciding how formal. If you're planning a black tie wedding, err on the side of more fancy. Go for a sundress if that better fits your style. But a dress adds the extra feel of delicacy and romance. 
  • Men- now first I'll say, I have a husband, too. When it comes to pictures, he's 150% relying on me to make both mine and his outfit choices (thank God). However, he's probably pissed he's having to take pictures in the first place, and if pissed doesn't accurately describe it, we can atleast bet he's not level 10 stoked. So, I'm not going to put him in something that's going to make him double hate me either. (Uh, feel good = looks good) Basically, I'm not expecting suit and tie but, if I had my way, he'd be in a tucked in button up with a belt, nice jeans at the least, and dress shoes.  

Any session:

Incorporate pattern somewhere. If you're just not a dress person, find a blouse with a soft and romantic pattern. I always suggest choosing the staple piece first- the outfit that's going to tie all colors in together. In my opinion, the perfect balance for two people is one in pattern and the other in a complimenting solid color.  For three, one in the all-encompassing pattern/staple piece, someone else in a much more basic (limit to two colors!) pattern, and the third in a solid. For more than three, use the same thought process, but always stick to only one staple to avoid clashing. 

When we had our family pictures done for our Christmas card last year, I think my blood pressure was probably off the charts for a solid week leading up to them. I probably (definitely) put more emphasis on what we wore above how we looked otherwise. We didn't even shower! Totally kidding.  But, we went with this same thought process. I wore a long dress that encompassed my ideal color scheme. My son wore a simple plaid that pulled from my dress, and my husband wore a solid sweater. This way, no matter if it was a together picture, or pictures of just me and my husband, just me and my son, etc., there would be complimenting textures everywhere. I was SO HAPPY with the outcome, all stressing aside. 

I hope you find this helpful! If you've ever been, or will be in the future, a client of mine, you know I'm always more than happy to offer my advice. Send me all the pictures, I'll tell you what I think! :)  

I'm excited to say LTP is considering adding a clothing line for the use of our session clients. We completely understand that you may not love the idea of investing in something that may be one time use for you, but we also want you to get the most of your session experience. We're working out the logistics, but have this idea front and center of our current business planning. We would love to hear feedback on your thoughts, if this is something you'd take advantage of or not. Feel free to comment your thoughts! 

Thanks for following along this little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor  


Photos of my sweet family, courtesy of the extremely talented Layna Rae Photography.