Engaged | Dave + Kathy

Kathy was another entry into my LTP website launch giveaway back in January. I had so many people enter that I ended up choosing TWO winners! I try to do giveaways as often as possible to say thank you. I wish it were financially feasible to offer them more often, but I really try to make them something special.

These giveaways included a one hour engagement session and professional makeup by the amazingly talented Chloe Jones! The best part about these two sessions were how pretty the girls felt. I could tell, and both of them were just so excited for some pampering. Seriously, that's worth it all.

Kathy is actually a long time friend of one of my sisters, so when she won I was ecstatic. They brought their fur baby along and we started the session with some family pictures, which can I just say, is a really good way to get everyone to loosen up! I got the usual disclaimer from Dave that he is no model, but we ended up having a great time together, and even got him to model solo for me for a split second. I'd say that's a win!! I loved working with these two, and I'm so excited for them to get married next year! Kathy, you're going to be the most stunning bride the world has ever seen.

Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor