Maternity | Austin + Kelly

I still remember when Kelly contacted me to do their wedding, and I know I'll never forget it. At the time I had just increased my wedding pricing to starting at $900 (crazy, I know!), which I was so scared to do but knew it was time to slowly get to market, and she was my first sign of confirmation that I was doing this confusing world of owning a business at least halfway right. She was the confidence boost I needed, regardless of how hard I had worked up to that point, and she probably doesn't even know it. It's only fitting our relationship has evolved into her being someone I consider a great friend, and I was so excited to have them back in front of my camera.

As coincidental as life can be sometimes, God knew we'd need each other. I'm still amazed at how many times he's used my business to bring me to people I don't even know how I did life without. Kelly's husband Austin is a police officer, and so is my husband. I could go to great lengths to TRY and explain to you how hard on your emotions this life can be, but that's seriously it's own post..... or book. This may be only the first or second time I've publicly accepted that my husband is a police officer, true life is that I live in fear sometimes but I am SO proud of that man. My husband was coming up on one short and fast year in the profession when Kelly texted me that Austin had told her this profession was his dream and was essentially asking her permission to chase it. I don't even remember if she was just confiding in me or asking advice, but I do remember telling her not to fight it, but instead to trust God and know that both He and I were here should she ever need me. Which was ironic, because guess who fought it hard? Me. But I'd seen firsthand the blessing on our marriage when I committed myself to supporting my husband the way God intended for me to through ALL THINGS when we said our vows. (Y'all, I'm about to PREACH).

Soon after, I found out they were expecting. I love this couple so much, but I've got a whole lot of respect for my fellow law enforcement families. This. World. Is. Mean. We need each other. So, I felt so strongly that if God gave me these talents, I am going to serve Him with them and serve my people and bless them every single opportunity I get. I don't even think she asked me, but I offered anyways. You don't have to do huge, life-changing things to bless people. You can simply offer your talents, your gifts, your passions, and make a difference one act of kindness at a time. If you're reading this as a personal moment for me to boast, read it again, and open your heart to hear me when I say this world needs people like you, like me, people who are willing to love people.  

This was simply to say thank you. Thank you Austin, for risking your life for me so I don't have to. For my son and future kids to grow up with real life heroes working to keep them safe. For very little pay, no respect, stupid hours and a lot of time away from your own people. Thank you Kelly, for being a Godly wife that the world needs to see more of and supporting Austin when it's hard and when you maybe didn't want to. Baby Landon seriously has two of the most selfless and incredible parents this world has ever seen and I cannot wait to meet him.

Here are a few of my favorites from this session. Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine!

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XOXO, Taylor