Engaged | Kyle + Kelsey

I went to school with Kyle, and by went to school, I mean we both found ourselves in the same small town of Farmville for 4 years of college - he went to Hampden-Sydney and I went to Longwood. Okay, so we didn't go to school together but, let's be real, the town is so small pretty much everything runs together.

I remember him during those years for his zest for life, and if you knew Kyle in college too, we can share a laugh and probably exchange stories forever. He was sure to put a smile on your face, and you could BET he'd be sporting a huge smile himself. Always smiling, always laughing, and always extremely welcoming. So many good memories!

It's only natural for Kyle to find someone who perfectly compliments him in all these ways. I remember when we met for Starbucks to book their wedding (side note: I feel like all my client relationships start this way--- Hi my name is Taylor and I love coffee), and we seriously laughed the entire time. I was meeting her for the first time but it never once felt that way. Then, she came to the LTP Bride Reunion two weekends ago, and seeing her again today was just as comfortable - seriously, it feels like we've been friends forever.

My goal at every session is to make my clients laugh and to bring out natural emotion. Posed is great, people count on me for that, but comfortable and non-awkward is even better. I love making them laugh, I love seeing them let their walls down because picture taking isn't the most normal, every day activity in itself, but I love when those laughs are mutual. I laughed just as hard with them, and though Kyle says he wasn't stoked (all men say this, just FYI!), I can tell he had fun, too ;)

I cannot wait for their wedding in November! How lucky am I to get to share these friendships with such incredible people?!

Here are a few more of my favorites from my evening with Kyle and Kelsey!

Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor