Family | The Smoots

I was fortunate to spend the evening with this stunning family on Thursday and I cannot tell you how many times Ive been able to step back in awe of how God has used this business to connect me, and in this case, re-connect me to many people. My sister used to help Whitney out every so often by watching Logan when he was a newborn, and now he's this big 'ole five-year-old. I remember when we'd all stop by for our baby snuggle fix and just a few days ago he was talking to me about his dirt bike and all the fun things he's been up to lately. Crazy1 Every time I have one of those holy-crap-time-flies moments, it always makes me somewhat sad. Life is so short, some days I feel like my own buddy is ONLY one and it's hard to think he wont be my tiny little cuddle bug forever. I have a feeling time will be just as unforgiving and soon he too will be a big 'ole five-year-old. I'm thankful for these sessions that remind me just how fast time flies, so to savor it and enjoy every last minute. 

When Whitney reached out, I asked her what she had in mind for location because some times people have a certain look they're envisioning or simply have seen some of my recent work and want a specific place, but she wrote my back that she just loved my style and frankly, her and her husband didn't get portraits together when they got married so these were important to her. So, I made sure to get plenty of "portraits" of the two of them that they could be proud of. It wasn't hard, because LOOK AT THEM, and I'm grateful (once again) for these clients that truly value my art. I will never take that lightly.

Here are just a few from my mini session with the Smoots!

That golden light does a heart good!!!

Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine. 

XOXO, Taylor