Engaged | Josh + Grace

Grace was one of many people who entered my 2017 giveaway in celebration of my website launch back in January. It's crazy to think it's already been four months and at the same time, it feels like SO much has happened in four months. I ended up choosing two couples because SO many people entered and it just felt right.

Our session started with being on two different sides of the location, and finally I sent Grace my location to see if they could just GPS how to get to me. I'm admittedly directionally challenged, so this was kind of a last ditch effort of finding one another. I saw them pass me so I started flashing my lights like a mad woman, and because I have the best luck in the world, a wedding was taking place in the same location and while we're trying to hunt each other down, the largest wedding audience in all of America is walking in the same vicinity, all dressed in gowns and three-piece suits. So now here I am, frolicking around in running attire complete with tennis shoes, totally 150% out of place with the rest of the crowd. Not hard to spot this photographer. Hey, just look for the one thing not like the other in this picture - you'll find me, I swear. (insert face in palm.)

Finally, we found each other and here comes Grace in the most beautiful gown any one has ever worn to an engagement session, and normally I'd be like GREAT good thing I fit right in, but I was so freaking excited. Y'all. Wear dresses to your engagement session - it's AMAZING!! Thankfully, my clients love me for me. Though, I'd never show up to one's wedding in gym attire, I felt like it made sense for the amount of walking I knew we'd be doing + I'll do pretty much anything for the perfect shots so I like to be unrestricted to the extent I can be, but for the first 3 seconds of us walking up to one another I'm sure they were like where are we, what have we done and who is this chick?!

Laughing about the hassle of just starting the session, we finally got to our first location and I think with every shot I said "omgggg this is perfect, so beautiful!, you guys are killing itttt!" because they were, and just wait till you see the picture proof. A lot of it. This was so fun for me because meeting new people is a love language of mine, and it's crazy to think I truly may have never met these two otherwise, but we had such a good time together and they were seriously such naturals. They 100% trusted my vision and let me just do my thing.

I loved meeting you two and am so excited for you both. You will no doubt have the most beautiful wedding next May, and I can't wait to see!

Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine.

XOXO, Taylor