Engaged | Brent + Lauren

I know I say this often, but the friendships formed and/or reunited because of this business is my all-time favorite part of all of this.

I went to high school with Lauren, and then college, and as fate would have it, we ended up sorority sisters. I am a year older than Lauren, so as life has a funny way of doing, things got busy after graduation. I started a full-time job, got married, had a baby. Ya know, life. So, it had been a while, but when Lauren reached out for her engagement session I was over the freakin' MOON. Yes. Please. I can't explain the way it makes me feel to see one of my long term friends so full of joy and in front of my camera. Back in college, and definitely not in high school, I didn't foresee this being my life, but I wouldn't trade the opportunity to play a small part in these love stories for the world.

I try to stick to my "job" during engagement sessions. You know, make my clients laugh here and there, pose, click the button, yada yada. But, if you know me or have even just met me, you know I'm a bit of a socializer. I leave my sessions refreshed, and having learned a lot about my clients... always feeling like I'd known them forever. I love that.

What I learned during this session is that Lauren and Brent (or Trent, take your pick) met at the gym. Brent and Lauren have the same "good side". Lauren loves to twirl (um, jackpot). Brent is the best fiancé ever because he didn't once complain about the picture-taking. In all seriousness, Brent obviously hit the jackpot with Lauren, but it was obvious no one needed to remind him of that. For our hour together I watched as Brent would graciously push Lauren's hair out of her face, straighten her outfit, and overall just treat her like the princess she is. My heart could have exploded.

How lucky was I to get to be there for these two? Man, I don't take this job lightly... ever. Such an honor. Here are a few more of my favorites from this session.

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XOXO, Taylor