Portraits | Brittnie

It’s no secret how much I love photographing couples in their most defining moments together. Engagement and wedding photography is where I feel myself letting go and just being the creative I believe I was called to be, which is the top reason I love it so much. It doesn’t feel like “work”, it feels like I’m playing a small part in a million fairy-tales, and could anyone really ask for a better “job”?!

It gives me a reason to feel connected, vulnerable, an excuse to be transparent and to build some seriously incredible friendships. It’s connected me with a group of people and given me a purpose that feels larger than me, and don’t we all have a small part in us that longs for that? But in this slow season, I’ve found myself growing wings I never intended to, and reaching people I wasn’t necessarily marketing to, that has even more defined me as an artist.

Brittnie reached out to me for portraits for a fashion blog she is launching soon. I remember when I was launching this business, and I was using one of my bridal portraits for my “headshot”. I mean, who doesn’t love a picture of themselves in their wedding gown? It’s tough to feel more beautiful than that. But, quickly I realized it wasn’t an appropriate portrayal of me and didn’t connect me to my ideal market. I needed something more, something personal, yes, but something that fit my everyday personality and felt more casual.

I remember replacing that picture with a real headshot. The first time I’d been on the other side of a camera holding my own to show the world that I was a professional. I was so thankful for those headshots because it felt official, it felt like I had put together another piece of the puzzle, and made another step forward. It was my first time having someone else really contribute to my business, and that felt surreal, that someone would care enough about my dreams to help me with this (thanks, Alysha!!).

Needless to say, I was so excited when Brittnie reached out. The fact that she trusted me enough with her vision to help launch her own little dream is really encouraging. Not to mention, she is stunning, and I just feel so fortunate to get to help others through this side of the lens.

Thanks for following along on this little dream of mine! Stay tuned for the launch of Southern Belle Confidential, the newest fashion blog hitting the internet soon! I have no doubt she’s going to KILL it!

XOXO, Taylor