Favorites of 2016

It's still January, even if only for one more day, so I feel like it's still relevant to discuss 2016. Don't be a hater, I'm excited about this whole blog thing, okay? Let me relish in it, at least for today.

Every day this business of mine stays at the forefront of my mind. I know you learned a little bit about me from my bio, but there was only but so much space. I touched on the fact that I'm a full time accountant, so you're probably wondering why (or how!) photography? If I had to describe my personality, aside from being a life-shouldn't-be-taken-too-seriously, coffee addicted, and all things Bachelor/ette lover, it would be that I thrive on success to a fault, recognizing that to me, success looks different depending on the circumstance, and can come in many forms. Success can also be momentarily, daily, weekly, annually, etc., depending on how you set your goals. From this trait, it's hard for me to talk myself down from an idea. Believe me, I annoyed my family for years, always documenting family functions to exhaustion. A whole year before I actually launched my business, I thought about launching my business. Dreamed. Talked about it... let up for a bit... talked about it some more.

"If all I ever do is walk away with a nice, paid for camera, I'll be happy"

This was the fear of failure talking, and that was my exit plan. Buy nice camera, potentially fail, take nice pictures of my family and call it day.


But there are 80,000 other photographers. All more experienced, all talented, and it sure felt like a solid 90% were right in my backyard. Competition is scary. But equipment is expensive, and what I need is top of the line, right out the gate, and that is a lot of money (and this is also not true, just a side note for all the aspiring photogs out there.) 

But what if I fail?

On Thanksgiving of this past year, I woke up like everyone else, thankful for so much. I try to be this way every day, but Thanksgiving is a time where we get to be truly (and publicly) intentional about being thankful. 2016 was a year where this business felt like an actual business. I was (and am) still very much in the "hustle" stage, but I began to reflect on all of the many blessings the year had brought me. Bottom line, I saw my business thrive. There were times I couldn't keep up with the inquiries, had to say no because of lack of availability (a bittersweet "problem"), and while in the moments it didn't always feel like a blessing, I spent many all-nighters trying to finish up the pile of sessions or weddings needing to be delivered.

I'm just so thankful. And I want my clients and potential clients, and everyone who stumbles across my work to know that I'm so thankful. I started this business on the foundation of giving. I wanted to be a blessing to people, and to do so using the gift God has given me. I wanted to spread love always, and make an impact every chance I could. What I didn't realize is how blessed I would be by my clients. It's truly come full circle. I'm blessed.

Here are a (VERY!) few of my favorites from 2016!

I'm so excited to start 2017 with a giveaway! SO many people entered my Facebook giveaway, so I chose two!! The winners are GRACE SHORT and KATHY PRIMMER! Thank you so much to the many, many ones of you who entered. Keep your eyes peeled on your e-mails over the next couple of days for a little something for each of you!

Thanks for all the support, always. Cheers to this just being the beginning. XOXO